Jeanine Lawson reports: BREAKING: Defund the Police organization backing Deshundra Jefferson for Chair

Gainesville, VA — Deshundra Jefferson is backed by an extreme, far-left organization leading the movement to defund the police, as well as advocating for fringe anti-police policies. They’re so dangerous they’ve even been denounced by Democratic parties and party members around the country.

The “Working Families Party” (WFP) based in New York City, has snuck in an endorsement of Deshundra Jefferson at the eleventh hour and blanketing the county with resources for her campaign. The dangerous ideas and policies that this group promotes places them far outside of the mainstream.

They’ve been a major voice in defunding the police around the country and supporting local candidates that will gut police departments.

After officers were killed by a parolee in New York City, WFP declared war on police unions. The slaying happened after dangerous policies helped criminals feel emboldened to ambush police officers. The officers murdered were 22 and 27 years old.

This organization’s support makes it very clear, Deshundra Jefferson has lied to the voters about her priorities. She will not support our police. Instead, she’ll actively work against our law enforcement, strip them of resources, and support dangerous policies like bail reform that will allow violent criminals to walk free out of jail. The fact that this organization’s priorities align with Deshundra’s campaign should be a MAJOR WARNING sign for Prince William families.

Residents and community groups have been raising red flags that Deshundra has been falsely advertising herself and her positions to the people of Prince William. This endorsement and her actions confirm those concerns. 

It’s clear Deshundra Jefferson will take Prince William County in a dangerous direction.

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