Is The Democratic Candidate for Prince William County Board of Supervisors Playing Bait and Switch on Data Centers? Jeanine Lawson Says Yes.

Dehundra Jefferson beat incumbent Democrat Chair of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors by declaring she was against uncontrolled growth of data centers. But as the Republican Candidate for Chair of the PWC BoS, Jeanine Lawson, has discovered, Ms. Jefferson is taking contributions from one of the biggest developers, Stanley Martin Homes (see illustration below taken from latest campaign finance form). Jefferson has also quietly buried her campaign slogan “integrity can’t be bought.’ Maybe Ms. Jefferson should replace it with ‘integrity waits for the right price.’ The names may have changed but if she is elected Ms. Jefferson will be singing the old Ann Wheeler song. If you want the real thing – VOTE FOR JEANINE LAWSON! Support – Lawson for PWC Chair (