Prince William County Republicans Condemn County Schools For Witholding Merit Scholarships

Prince William County Schools have admitted that two Prince William County high schools are among the Northern Virginian schools that have not informed students that they received National Merit Scholar Awards, directly effecting their chances at scholarships and college admission.

This is being done because these schools have placed ‘equality of outcome’ over individual achievement in education.  This is a policy that is “unfair to all students, and is particularly harmful to Asian American students,” according to Chairman Denny Daugherty.

Daugherty, on behalf of the Prince William County Republican Committee, joined Governor Youngkin in seeking an Attorney General investigation of this “unethical, unjustifiable, and possibly unlawful action” by Prince William County Schools.  He warned that, “so long as Democrats control the School Board, and care more for group narratives than recognition of individual academic achievements, excellence will be punished, and no student will be challenged to do their best.  This is another reason for hiring a new school board this November.”