Barbara Dodge Honored at Lincoln-Reagan Dinner as Prince William County Republican Committee Volunteer of the Year

Based on a vote by members of the Prince William County Republican Committee members, Committee Chairman Denny Daugherty announced at the recent Lincoln-Reagan Dinner that Barbara Dodge had been selected as Volunteer of the Year.  Her unceasing volunteer activities for Prince William Republicans was astounding.

During 2022 Mrs. Dodge personally interviewed all eleven candidates running in the 10th Congressional District primary to ascertain their positions on all major issues in order to be able to directly inform her volunteer teams that she had heard their positions on issues directly from the candidates and not second hand or by rumor.

For the 10 th Congressional District Primary, she actively called to recruit volunteers for the Lake Jackson Firehouse Primary, helped coordinate their participation and volunteered in the initial preparation, setup, and conduct of the Firehouse Primary.

Once the 10 th District candidate was chosen, as Precinct Captain for Coles Precinct, she recruited, organized, and trained volunteers to conduct door-to-door campaigning within the Coles Precinct. Additionally, she recruited a Spanish speaking volunteer to assist in conducting Spanish outreach for the Spanish section of the precinct.  In addition to managing volunteers for her own Precinct, Mrs. Dodge actively conducted door-to-door campaigning for two additional precincts, Signal Hill and Yates Ford.

For election day, she called and recruited volunteers to man the polls for the entire fifteen precincts of the Coles Magisterial District, assisted in the distribution of elections materials to each precinct, and provided support services for Coles Magisterial District precincts on election day.

During Prince William County Republican Committee meetings, Mrs. Dodge serves as the membership sign-in table attendant to ensure that all attendees have signed for the meeting.

Mrs. Dodge has a long record of volunteering. She has been a member of the Prince William County Republican Committee and a Precinct Captain in Prince William County since 1992 and worked every campaign that overlapped her precinct and volunteered as a poll worker each year for the past 31 years. But her volunteering has a much longer history, going as far back as 1970.

Mrs. Barbara Dodge is a devoted wife, married 50 years to fellow member of the Prince William County Republican Committee, George S. Dodge, and a loving mother of two children and grandmother of five.